Mamaea Awakened at Morrowind Nexus

The new design of Mamaea

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Part of Morrowind Modding Madness 2018

In vanilla Morrowind, Mamaea is a dull maze of caves with nothing remarkable about them aside from the spine of bone down the center of the cavern network. This mod aims to make Mamaea a more memorable visit for the player while also delving into the lore behind the settlement of Gnisis and the West Gash. The lighting has been reduced for a more atmospheric experience alongside much, much more detail. The area has also been expanded with the addition of a buried dunmer stronghold full of new puzzles for the player to solve. You can expect to find new loot, lore, and more when you explore Mamaea Awakened.


  • Details and expands the dungeon of Mamaea
  • Explores the backstory of the mysterious bone cave system
  • Adds new Sixth House themed armor, weapons, and more loot
  • Embark on a new quest to explore the mysteries of Mamaea
  • Defend the Gnisis Temple from a violent Sixth House attack
  • Adds a brand new, buried dunmer stronghold to explore
  • Unique dialogue for characters like Dagoth Araynys, Baladas Demnevanni, and Chaplain Ogrul
  • Complete puzzles and solve riddles to reach the end of the dungeon
  • Utilize a magical artifact from House Telvanni to locate Mamaea
  • 100+ new meshes available for modders

Flamboyant Armigers
Endoran - Memetic Space Warrior
Lucevar - Planning Manager
Melchior Dahrk - Awakener of Mamaea
RubberMan - Master Stronghold Architect

LondonRook - mist mesh
Lougian - some rock meshes
Tamriel Rebuilt - coiled rope
Alisiagae - 6th house knife