MGE/MWSE Mods List

Welcome! You’re probably here because someone linked you to the MWSE mods list. That’s moved here, along with a whole host of other lists you might find useful.

Updated: 2018/12/21

First grab MGE XE and the most recent version of MWSE and the Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) for good measure.

This isn’t a list of recommendations - it attempts to catelogue MWSE and MGE mods. Unless otherwise stated I don’t vouch for quality or compatibility.

If a mod requires both MGE and MWSE I usually categorise it under MWSE.

New since last update (2018/09/11-2018/12/21)

Morrowind Graphics Guide Shaders by DassiD (editing existing MGE shaders)
A set of MGE XE shaders tweaked to work well with the Morrowind Graphic Guide.

3rd Person Camera Transitions by darksatanas
When you ready a weapon, the mod will automatically move the camera from over the shoulder to vanilla Morrowind location (centered), like in Skyrim.

The Astral Pocket by OperatorJack
Using MWSE Lua, adds a miniquest to obtain a spell to teleport to a Telvanni style player home, with mark-recall like functionality.

MUSE - Morrowind Music System Extended by Rytelier
Extended and flexible music system for Morrowind, allows to easily customize your music as well as make new music mods.

Harder Barter by mort
Dynamically adjusts how much merchants will pay for items. Pluginless, compatible with everything.

MWSE Character Creation Name Generator by Aleist3r
UI addition for chargen that allows you to generate a random name for your character at the start of the game.

Ministry of Clarity by Team Sexy Sloads
A sprawling questline full of action and intrigue with a fully radiant quest system, new loot and more! Adds content relating to the Sixth House and the Main Quest. Part of MMM 2018.

Kogoruhn Expanded by Team Drama Kwama
Expands the main quest dungeon of Kogoruhn, making it a much more interesting place to visit (and much spookier). Part of MMM 2018.

The Demon of Knowledge by Team Sexy Sloads
A mysterious book has fallen into your possession… How did it get there? Who does it belong to? Follow the clues, as you find yourself taken away by a detailed, multilayered story steeped in TES Lore. Part of MMM 2018.

The Battle Rite of Mephala by Team Nordic Chefs
Quest mod. On a strange island known to few as Crescent Moon Isle, a bloodbath awaits the player in a struggle for survival against a band of crazed assassins, all for the amusement of a few cultists hiding away in the shadows. Partake in the slaughter with joy, or perhaps you believe in following the deity’s actual wishes, hidden among the bodies… Part of MMM 2018.

MWSE Unique Item Tooltips by anumaril21
Provides helpful tooltips/flavor texts for all Quest Items, Unique Items, and some Artifacts within Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and the Official Plugins.

MWSE Key Tooltips by anumaril21
Provides helpful tooltips/flavor texts to all Keys and Propylon Indices within Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and the Official Plugins.

Loading Doors Lock Tune by abot
Automatically tunes linked doors locked/unlocked state on activate, lock/unlock by spell, unlock by lockpick. Tuned doors are not only coherent, they should work great with mods like pursuit enhanced allowing NPCs to chase you through doors and give a purpose to the lock spell.

Weapon Sheathing by Greatness7 & community modellers
Equipped weapons no longer disappear when lowered. Instead they will be shown on the character’s hip or back. This new functionality affects both the player and all other characters, and works with all weapons from all mods. Additionally features a comprehensive set of high quality quiver and scabbard assets.

UI Expansion by NullCascade
Expands UI functionality with searching, filtering, and more visual feedback.

Skills Module by Merlord
Skills Module is a framework for MWSE+Lua mods that allows you to easily create new skills in Morrowind with just a few lines of code. Leveling and UI are handled automatically, with new skills added seamlessly into the stats menu.

Immersive Mining by Merlord
Mine ore by actually swinging a pick axe at it. Uses latest MWSE+Lua

Provincial Music by Texafornian
Quickly create province-specific battle and explore soundtracks for Tamriel Rebuilt (Mainland Morrowind) and Project Tamriel’s province mods (Cyrodiil and Skyrim) by dragging and dropping music into folders.

MWSE-Lua (2.1+)

Speed and Movement Rebalanced by Remiros
This mod rebalances the speed attribute and overall movement in the game in an attempt to make it feel more natural. See the mod page for a full list of changes. There is an optional new sprinting mechanic added that requires MWSE - the base mod does not.

Expeditious Exit by NullCascade
Aka Modder’s Delight. Even with the Code Patch Morrowind often crashes on exit, requiring you to kill the process in task manager just to get out of it. It’s an irritating waste of time when you’re playing, and even worse when you’re testing mods and quitting Morrowind 10+ times an hour. This mod squashes that crash, making exiting as quick and easy as it always should have been.

Happy Harvesting by NullCascade
A simple mod that auto-loots plants when you activate them, instead of opening it as a container. Compatible with mod added plants as well. It doesn’t affect scripted plants, so it’s compatible with mods like Graphic Herbalism, which simply override Happy Harvesting.

Sophisticated Save System by NullCascade
Drastically expands and improves the save system, including autosaves on cell changes. No more playing for hours, crashing, and then realising that your last save was three hours and ten quests back!

Controlled Consumption by NullCascade
Changes the mechanics of how many potions a player can drink. In vanilla, the player is allowed to drink infinite potions with no negative effects, leading to easy alchemy exploits. Offers two options: limit the player to one potion per five seconds, or an Oblivion-style option that allows the player to have only four potions active at once.

Dynamic Difficulty by NullCascade
Configurable difficulty. You can change the base difficulty, make the game harder or easier as you level up, or set the difficulty per region (so you could make the Bitter Coast very easy but the Ashlands much more dangerous, for example).

Easy Escort by NullCascade
Vanilla escort quests are a nightmare because of the terrible pathfinding AI. This mod keeps followers close to you and ensures they don’t get stuck on a rock in the ashlands somewhere.

Diligent Defenders by NullCascade
When combat begins, your companions will start to defend you immediately, instead of waiting for you to be attacked first. A real lifesaver if that enemy is going to kill you in one hit and you can’t afford to wait!

Proportional Progression by NullCascade
Allows you to easily adjust the progression rate to make leveling skills slower/faster, based on a number of different factors.

Memory Monitor by NullCascade
Provides an in-game alert if you’re close to reaching the 4GB memory limit, so that you can save and restart in time to prevent a crash.

Permanently Perished by NullCascade
Adds an optional permadeath mechanic. When you start a new game, you’ll be asked how many lives your character gets (defaulting to 1; you can choose not to use permadeath on any given save). Once your lives are used up, you can no longer load that character’s saves, and attempting to will start a new game instead.

Sounds of Souls by NullCascade
Adds a chance for soul gems to emit a sound from the creature whose soul they contained. Very atmospheric. Very creepy.

Poison Crafting by Greatness7
Adds a new poison mechanic similar to Oblivion and Skyrim’s. NPCs can use poison as well! Also allows you to use apparatus in-world rather than having to pick it up and use it from your inventory, and a new alchemy mode where better apparatus decreases positive effects rather than negative so you can craft your own poisons.

Lights Fix for Vtastek’s PPL shaders by Greatness7

Glow in the Dahrk by Melchior Dahrk & NullCascade
The most up-to-date and feature rich version of Windows Glow. Includes much more subtle and aesthetically pleasing windows glow, randomly spaced lighting so not every window turns on precisely at dusk and off precisely at dawn, and automatic compatibility with mods using vanilla meshes (such as Tamriel Rebuilt). No more need for infinite patches just to make your windows light up!

Brutal Backstabbing by Merlord
Do more damage when stabbing an enemy from behind (NPCs can also backstab - beware turning your back!).

Automated Ammo Equip by Merlord
Ever want to use both crossbows and regular bows, but get annoyed at having to remember to switch ammo type? This automates it for you.

Frostwind by Merlord
The immersion and survival mod to end all others. Similar to (and inspired by) the Skyrim mod Frostfall, it adds weather exposure, hunger, tiredness, and thirst mechanics, while aiming to reward sensible travellers rather than punish bad micromanagement - which makes it, in my experience, much less tedious to play with than any other needs mod.

Magnum Menu Textures by Petethegoat
Improved main menu buttons, with support for MWSE’s Mod Configuration Menu.

Pete’s Lua GMST config by Petethegoat
Allows you to set GMSTs without having to use an .esp slot - and allows you to hot reload them in game for testing purposes.

Torch Hotkey by Remiros
Adds ‘C’ as a dedicated hotkey for light sources. Pressing C will equip/unequip the first light source in your inventory, prioritising lights that have already been used. It will also re-equip previously equipped shields, two-handed weapons and ranged weapons. Super convenient!

Lucky Strike by R-Zero
Adds a luck based critical strike mechanic similar to Daggerfall. Works for PCs and NPCs.

Plaguebearer by R-Zero
Enables the transfer of diseases from PCs to NPCs. Now you can be the Nurgling you always wanted to be!

Putting Power in Willpower by R-Zero
Willpower is described as affecting your abilities to resist spells, but in vanilla it is bugged and doesn’t work. This mod enables it, for PCs and NPCs.

Time Flies! by cptjoker
In vanilla Morrowind, time is frozen while you’re in a menu, such as the dialogue window or while reading a book. This mod makes time pass while you’re in those menus. Now if you spend all night talking to Hassour Zainsubani about Ashlander customs, it really does take all night!

Vaba-Amus Companion Character by TheDrunkenMudcrab
Adds a drunken scrib to Suran, just outside Desele’s. If you choose to talk to him, you’ll be in for some wacky and hilarious adventures - that fit in to lore surprisingly well.

MWSE Alchemy Filter by Greatness7
You can now filter ingredients based on their effects.

MWSE 2.1 Enchantment Services by svengineer99
Adds new services to enchanters, including the ability to recharge enchanted items and making additional copies of scrolls.

MWSE2.1 Sky Diversity Auto Launch Add On by svengineer99
Autolaunches Sky Diversity so you don’t have to remember to do it manually every time you want to play.

The Forgotten by Team Horny Skulls
A quest mod dealing with a cult of Namira, with options to side with the cultists or the ordinators.

Invisibility Anti-Exploit by Remiros, Greatness7, and NullCascade
In the vanilla game invisibility has a relatively major bug/exploit. While you are invisible and not directly in the line of sight of an NPC, the sneak chance will always be 100%, even if your sneak, agility and luck are as low as 0, which pretty much allows you to steal absolutely everything. This has to do with the fact that the AI doesn’t update quickly enough after exiting invisibility. This mod fixes this by preemptively removing the invisibility effect and delaying the activate function by a single frame.

Dimensional Containers by ProfArmitage
Adds four magical portable containers hidden across Vvardenfell that can hold far more than their size suggests and never increase in weight. They’re quite heavy but allow you to carry more overall - if you can find them and get through the dungeons. Rumours in towns will give you vague hints.

Configurable Barter Gold by DarkholmeTenk
This mod adds a new setting to the Mod Configuration menu added by the latest version of MWSE which allows you to set a multiplier to every merchant’s gold amounts. If you think NPCs generally have too much or too little gold you can adjust it now.

Ownership Indicator by Petethegoat
Ownership Indicators adds an Oblivion style ownership indicator, when you look at owned items, beds, and more. Compatible with all crosshair texture replacements. Uses Lua instead of old MWSE/MGE functions as previous ownership indicators have.

Immersive Run Fix by Petethegoat
This mod normalizes the player’s movement speed, ensuring they run at a consistent speed even during diagonal movement.

Continue by Petethegoat
Adds a continue button to the main menu, to instantly load your most recent save. This can also optionally hide the credits button to stop the main menu from becoming too cluttered. This also includes a secret testing feature to load into a specified save game even faster- uncomment two of the lines at the top of main.lua, and choose a filename and key code. Instantly load into a save by holding your key while the game starts up. Several menu texture replacers have compatibility options for this.

Tamrielic Lore Tooltips by PhDInSorcery
Tamrielic Lore is an in-game book describing the stories behind each artifact the player encounters in Vvardenfell. This mod adds the book’s lore to the tooltips of each respective artifact. Note that this mod does not actually change the items themselves; it uses MWSE-Lua to add onto their tooltips. It is therefore compatible with everything!

Value/Weight Ratios on Tooltips by abot
Displays the Value to Weight ratio on item tooltips so you can see at a glance if an item is worth taking or not.

Tooltip by abot
An updated version of previous Value/Weight Ratio mod (renamed from ValueWeightRatio to Tooltip as functionality may increase. By default displays Value/Weight Ratio, you can change setting below in main.lua file to true or false to enable extra functionality. You can also enable showing whether or not a skill book has already been read.

Ingredient Flavour Texts by Remiros
This mod adds flavor texts to all ingredients in the game, expansions included. Like Tamrielic Lore Tooltips this should be compatible with everything since it doesn’t edit the objects themselves.

Get Lost! by NullCascade
Removes the minimap and the world map, for maximum immersion. Better find a compass and a paper map!

Equipment Requirements by Remiros and Greatness7
This mod adds skill requirements for all armors and weapons in the vanilla game, its expansions and all mods mentioned in the last section. The requirements are directly based on the skill of the respective item.

Dahrk’s Super-Sized Storage (D’sSSS) by Melchior Dahrk
This simple mod increases the capacity of all containers (BM and TR included) by x100. Zero capacity containers are unaltered (0*100=0). For instance, crates in the original game had a weight capacity of 200. By applying this mod, they will be able to hold 20,000. Enough to help you sort out those pesky dwemer cogs.

UI Inspector by Hrnchamd
UI viewer and interactive editor for Morrowind UIs. Allows inspection of the UI menu hierarchy and all layout values. Layout variables can be modified in-game for fine-tuning your own UIs.

Consistent Main Menu by twizz0r
New high-quality replacer textures that homogenize main menus so that MWSE’s MCM and Petethegoat’s Continue Mod menu items don’t look out of place. Especially useful for those using alternate UI’s and/or alternate main menu images. OG version also included for those that roll old school.

Descriptive Descriptions by Remiros
This mod adds the item descriptions to the tooltips that have previously been missing. Many items in the game have hidden stats that are relatively important, but never shown in the game. Weapons will now show their speed, reach and enchantment value, armor and clothing will now show their enchantment value and lights will show their total duration. This mod is compatible with all other mods that add to the item tooltips.

MGE XE Mods (including shader sets)

Enhanced Water Shader for MGE XE by Krokantor - new water shaders with green/non-green options.
Purple HaZe MGE XE Palette Collection by Psijonica
MGE XE Red Hand Ownership Indicator by Mr Magic
The Bauglette Palette for MGE XE by Bauglir
MGE XE Green Water Fix by KetGolosov
Opponent Fatigue Indicator - MGE XE Compatible by Tyler799 - adds a status bar to enemies indicating their current fatigue level, similar to health bars.
Shattered Stones - An Earthquake Mod by Greatness7, R-Zero, and Vtastek - adds earthquakes to volcanically active regions of Vvardenfell such as the ashlands.
Sunrise and Sunset Season and Latitude Scaling by svengineer99 - adjusts dawn and dusk times to scale with time of year and latitude.
Sky Diversity by svengineer99 - generates unique weather textures, rainbows, etc, on the fly to make every shift in weather unique.
STEP Shader Compilation by DassiD - This is a compilation of shaders tweaked to enhance a STEP-install of Morrowind. The complete guide can be found here.

Old MGE/MWSE (<= 2.0) (should still work with MWSE2.1+, but these mods don’t use Lua.)

MWSE 2.1 Pursuit Revisited by svengineer99
This is a compilation mod of companion features:
1) Enemy pursuit through load doors
2) Guard entry from adjacent cells, on crime reporting
3) Teleport, travel and intervention restrictions in combat and pursuit
4) Thieves tools door locking mechanic and equip hot keys
5) Crime, Flee and related AI tweaks
Death and Resurrection by Xiran
Death will take Attribute points away from you if (when) killed, so it’s better not die too much. You’ll be resurrected at the nearest Temple, temporarily much weaker, must return to where you got killed and pay attention not to die again (or penalty will be higher than in consecutive “normal” deaths) . You can also change your birthsign.
Cast on Strike Bows by efrost
Cast-on-strike enchantments on bows and crossbows work. Arrows and bolts are enchanted on the fly, and they’re replaced with their unenchanted versions when you swap them out–even with hotkeys. Enchanted ammo works normally. Make sure MCP’s “Fix enchant options on ranged” is disabled.
MCC Leveller by mg79 - Skills based smooth levelling similar to GCD, where multiple skills contribute to attribute level ups. State-based health. Skills decay if you don’t use them for long periods of time.
Buff Clipping (A.K.A. Overbuff Kickback) by svengineer99 - enforces caps on the maximum attribute, chameleon, sanctuary and resistance buffs the player can have. Exceeding the caps can result in attribute damage, knock-down, endurance and health drains. The cap formulas are based on the underlying player attributes and personality that can be customized through global variables.
The Ash Pit by Team Horny Skulls - adds the Ash Fighters, an arena-based fighting faction with unique combat encounters and quests.
Funny Farm Friends by Team Green Cow - adds unique companion creatures & combat encounters.
Dreams of the Drunken Mudcrab by Team Green Cow - Quest mod with unique scripted sequences.
Suvanto’s Wondrous Shop of Curious Creations by Team Green Cow - Adds unique scripted items.
Rattle-Teeth Manor by Team Green Cow - a necromancy themed player home with scripted features.
Quick Loot by mg79 - adds several new options for looting containers conveniently.
MWSE Containers by Greatness7 - adds new containers for sale that make managing your inventory a lot easier, while maintaining proper encumbrance.
Expedition to Mzelthuand by Greatness7, Melchior Dahrk, and TheDrunkenMudcrab - A quest mod that adds a new dwemer ruin to explore. Has a number of innovative quests and rewards, plus entertaining characters.
Melian’s Teleport Mod by Melian - expands the mark and recall system, allows for multi-marks, and adds a spell to teleport companions to you if they get lost.
MWSE Melee Missile by Scruggs - allows you to use Cast-On-Target enchantments on weapons without putting your weapon away first.
Graphic Herbalism - Ownership MWSE Addon by Skrawafunda - removes an exploit available in Graphic Herbalism that allowed you to steal from owned plants without incurring a bounty.
Better Portable Containers MWSE Scripts by cdcooley
MWSE 2.0 Cinematic Casting And Combat by svengineer99 - Adds many different combat features aimed at making combat more immersive and fun.
Inventory Control by svengineer99 - Adds a sophisticated set of controls over your inventory, preventing you from changing armour during combat, etc, for increased realism.
Inventory Helpers by cdcooley - adds portable containers that allow you to transfer sets of items easily to companions (or just keep them well organised in your inventory).
Community Inventory by thesilentpyro - allows you to move items between save games.
Fliggerty’s Almanac by Fliggerty - Sunrise and sunset change throughout the year and according to latitude. Winter days are shorter, for example.
Fliggerty’s Artifacts by Fliggerty - adds new scripted artifacts.
Handy Equipping by Fliggerty - lets you switch between lock picks/shields/lights with a hotkey.
Enhanced Summoning by Fliggerty - Adds several new methods of summoning with interesting gameplay variations.
Disarming Zero by Fliggerty - you can disarm opponents.
Dirty Deeds by Fliggerty - lets you hire the Morag Tong or the Dark Brotherhood to kill NPCs.
Dialogue Closer of Doom by Fliggerty - allows you to set a hotkey to immediately exit dialogue.
Morrowind Narcissism by Fliggerty - Mannequins that look exactly like your player character.
More Quick Keys by Fliggerty - adds more hotkey slots.
Mirkrali’s Ring by Fliggerty - a ring that allows you to use the charge stored in enchanted items to restore your magicka.
Health Indicators by Fliggerty - adds visual indicators to NPCs to show you what their current health is.
Trash Compactor by Fliggerty - add your items to the trash compactor to either recycle them into cloth or scrap metal or get rid of them entirely.
To The Death by Fliggerty - challenge NPCs to a duel in Vivec arena.
BFG 9000 and Plasma Rifle by Fliggerty - adds scripted weapons.
Controlled Jumps by Fliggerty - allows you to make smaller jumps, rather than the huge jumps you make at high acrobatics, by using a hotkey.
Full Paralysis by Fliggerty - disables inventory when you’re paralysed, so you can’t drink that convenient cure paralysis potion.
Merchant Investments by Fliggerty - allows you to invest cash into merchants so they have more barter gold.
Vvardenfell Footpad by Fliggerty - allows you to live the life of a highwayman by robbing unsuspecting NPCs.
Arrow De-Nocker by Fliggerty - lets you denock arrows.
Fliggerty’s Fleeing Fetchers by Fliggerty - low level bystanders will flee from a fight if they’re not directly involved.
Detect Owner by Fliggerty - displays a message telling you who owns an item.
Gravedigger by Fliggerty - get rid of corpses without having to loot them first.
Improved Hand-to-Hand by Fliggerty - hand to hand does health damage instead of fatigue damage.
Magicka Metamorphica by Fliggerty - adds a spell that lets you create soul gems from items in your inventory.
Enhanced Detection by Fliggerty - improves the detect creature/humanoid line of spells, and adds several new spells such as Detect Enemy, Detect Opposite Gender, Detect Treasure, etc.
No Trainers by Fliggerty
Inventory Search by Fliggerty - allows you to search your inventory.
Keyring by Fliggerty - adds a keyring you can store your keys on, so they don’t clutter your inventory.
Avenge your death! by Fliggerty - when you die, you instead become a ghost and can try to make your way back to your body.
Blasphemous Revenants by Fliggerty - adds necromancy mechanics.
Protective Guards by Fliggerty - if you’re attacked by an NPC in town, guards will come to your aid.
Universal Companion Share by Fliggerty - NPCs who are following you now have companion share enabled.
Improved Bartering by Fliggerty - merchants no longer have a fixed amount of gold available to them. Instead, they have a possible range - so some days they’ll be able to buy more from you, sometimes less. You can also ask NPCs to barter with you - allowing you to purchase quest items instead of killing someone, for example.
Oblivion-Style Spellcasting by Fliggerty - cast spells while your weapon is drawn.
Take All Button of Pain and Happiness by Fliggerty - allows you to set a hotkey to take everything out of a container at once.
Lost Artifacts of Tamriel: MWSE Addon by Fliggerty - more scripted artifacts.
Better Telekinesis by Fliggerty - items will move towards you when you use telekinesis, rather than simply being able to activate them from further away as in vanilla.
Morrowind Battlecry by Fliggerty - adds scripted battle cries with different effects.
The Gambler by Fliggerty - adds a gambling game.
Visceral Discernment by BryssPhoenix & Fliggerty - a quest mod that adds new scripted spells.
Portable Hole by BryssPhoenix & Fliggerty - adds a mysterious portable hole.
Fade To Black by Peachykeen & Fliggerty - a shader that makes your screen go more monochrome as you take damage.
Loot Sack by Wildman & Fliggerty - adds a loot sack that you can wield to reduce your encumbrance somewhat.
Raven Wings by Nadaz & Fliggerty - Adds raven wings which allow you to fly (not levitate - a new mechanic)
Real Time Updating by Yacoby & Fliggerty - uses your computer’s time to change Morrowind’s game time, so that Morrowind reflects the time you’re playing at.

MWE (Morrowind Enhanced) Mods - deprecated

Morrowind Decapitated by Fliggerty - removes skill caps. NOT a mod that lets you decapitate enemies!
Encumbrance Enhanced by Fliggerty - athletics skill increases faster when the player is heavily encumbered.
Journal Enhanced
Writing Enhanced
Combat Enhanced