Updated: 20/12/2018

Sometimes you want your game to reflect the holidays going on in real life - or maybe you just want Vvardenfell to be a snowy wasteland all year around! In any case, here’s a list of holiday-themed Morrowind mods to help complete the festive atmosphere!

In game holidays (not just for Christmas!)

The Holiday Mod v1.1 by Princess Stomper
Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell v1.03 by Lord Berandas


Holly and Ivy’s Holiday Shoppe by Westly
Santa Hat v1.0 by Sandman
Santa Claus’ very own red Zipfelmutze v1.0 by karstux
Santa’s Hat v1.0 by Bobvorius
Santa Claus Clothes v1.0 by swrdphantom
Red Stocking Cap v1.0 by narcatas
Elynda’s Winter Wear v1.0 by Elynda


Christmas Manor v1.0 by Xeth-Ban
Snow Cottage v1.0 by Dvd

Scenery / Exterior / Interior

Christmas Tree v1.0 by loktar69
Christmas at Lokken v1.0 by Princess Stomper
A Merry Christmas Party v1.0 by CMK
Balmora Christmas Tree v0.1 by starwarsgal9875
Winter Wonderland Resource Pack v1.0 by Geonox
Christmas Tree 2015 v1.0 by Crankgorilla
Balmora Christmas v1.0 by Somesz


Christmas like snowflake texture v1.0 by SYMBIOTE DINOSAUR
Winter Holiday Snowflakes v1.0 by SYMBIOTE DINOSAUR
Snowing in Morrowind - A Morrowind Mod v1.1 by TheDrunkenMudcrab
The Winter Came Early - Morrowind Snow Mod v1.0 by Andrewzally02
Morrowinter v1.0 by SiNNeR
Winter in Morrowind v1.4 by omer135


Community Christmas Cards 2007 v1.0 by Korana
Community Christmas Cards 2008 v1.0 by Korana
Community Christmas Cards 2011 v1.0 by Korana
Granny Claus’s Christmas Gifts v1.0 by Korana
A Christmas Carol v1.0 by Rianoris
Christmas Items v1.0 by TommyKhajiit


Christmas Fargoth v1.0 by Dementia Warrior
Santa in Solstheim v1.0 by Bukowski

Created for Open MW

Uncle Sweets Cellar v1.0 by Frik