Dunmer Great Houses Mod List

Updated: 2018/09/02
This list doesn’t attempt to be comprehensive (there have been a lot of mods made for these factions over the years). I’d call it semi-curated - I can’t personally vouch for every mod here, but I won’t include a mod I know to be broken or of poor quality.

Descriptions are generally the mod author’s (taken straight from the mod page) - my additions are marked as such:
Lucevar’s Note

Quests & Dialogue

Great House Hlaalu

Roleplay Options for House Hlaalu by Caeris & Luj1
Have you ever wanted to arrest the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo instead of killing him? Well now you can. This mod adds several new ways of completing persuasion quests and such for Great House Hlaalu.

Hlaalu Business by Lodur9000
Hlaalu Business adds six more quests to the game, three to Dram Bero and three to Nevena Ules, who are both members of the House Hlaalu Council. The player must hold Kinsman rank or higher in House Hlaalu to do business with these people. The quests don’t give any Faction Reputation points so they don’t affect your promotions through House Hlaalu. Rewards are sometimes generous, but in line with what the vanilla Hlaalu quests give you.

Portrait of Crassius Curio by Aralin
Simply adds a magnificent portrait to decorate the Curio manor and delight its dinner guests. Now there’s some proof that Councilor Curio is such the patron of the arts he’s made out to be.
Lucevar’s Note: Why have I listed it under quests and dialogue, I hear you ask? Well, just look at that magnificent portrait. Does he not speak to you? Will your game feel right until you complete your quest to own this portrait?

Crassius and Therana Companion by PrincessStomper
Inspired by Jasons073’s April Fool’s joke, this mod makes Crassius Curio and Mistress Therana into romanceable companions. Find Crassius and Therana in their usual locations - you can recruit them when you are Nerevarine (to avoid interference with main quest). Obviously you cannot recruit Therana if you have killed her! Contains mild innuendo.
Lucevar’s Note: These are fairly limited in scope - they’re not full-fledged companions in the style of Julan or anything like that. But how could I leave them off a list like this? Surprisingly PG-13 for a mod that contains Crassius Curio.


Great House Redoran

Olyn Hleran: A Redoran Companion by Team Mythic Beasts
Lucevar’s Note: Diverges from the vanilla aesthetic in some places (see the mod page: the screenshots are fairly representative of what I mean). Mod was created for MMM2017 and may have some rough edges.

Great House Telvanni

LGNPC Quest Tweaks and Alternatives by Stuporstar

Strongholds & Places

Great House Hlaalu

Someone please make one!

Great House Redoran

**](https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/42386) by bruno13069 [Redoran Vault Extended** by Tarius

Great House Telvanni

Uvirith’s Legacy by Stuporstar
Building Up Uvirith’s Legacy by [Tel Uvirith LITE]