Immersion Mods List

For the full immersive Morrowind experience! Could also be titled ‘Morrowind for Masochists’ tbh


Tribunal Rebalance
Bloodmoon Rebalance
Luce’s Game Settings


Time Flies
Vtastek Climbing
Holidays Across Tamriel
Miscast Mod
Clear Your Name
Goldweight (Abot)
Graphic Herbalism/Happy Harvesting
More Dangerous Lava
Fire Hurts
Bare Necessities (WanderRa)
Immersive Alcohol
Vtastek Skooma
Weathering Weather
Kirel’s Interior Weather Sounds
Tavern Ambience
Sunset & Sunrise Latitude
Controlled Consumption
MWSE Containers
Sound of Souls
Proportional Progression
Animated Containers

NPCs & Dialogue

Children of Morrowind
Mournhold Courtiers
Nastier Camonna Tong
What Thieves Guild?
Main Quest Enhancers
Animated Morrowind
Hold It
Dreamers Expansion
Farmers & Miners
Correspondences of Morrowind
Where are all the birds
Water Life

Clothes & Armour

Tired of all the NPCs wearing the same thing?
Armored Robes
Ashlander Rebels
Dunmer Nobles
Stav’s Telvanni warriors