Welcome! You’re probably here because someone linked you to the Morrowind dungeon mods list. That’s moved here, along with a whole host of other lists you might find useful.

Updated: 23/12/2018


This is a list of (hopefully) all the caves and dungeons in Morrowind (+ Tribunal and Bloodmoon, at the bottom) separated by category. Next to the name of the cave is a list of mods that change it. Some mods change a lot of different caves; in that case I’ve generally just abbreviated the name rather than linking it every time. These include:

Cavern Overhaul by Lougian - Abbreviated as LCO
Mines & Caverns by jsp25 - Abbreviated as M&C
Mines & Caverns - Solstheim by jsp25 - Abbreviated as M&CS, only compatible with Wollibeebee’s Tomb of the Snow Prince, not with vanilla. Use LCO’s Solstheim changes if you don’t use TOTSP.
Detailed Dungeons by Eldermaster28 - Abbreviated as DD.
Remiros’ Tombs Expansion by Remiros - Abbreviated as RTE
Dwemer Rebirth Project by RubberMan - Abbreviated as DRP

If you’re aware of any mods that change these locations but aren’t listed here, please let me know! I can be contacted as Lucevar at the Morrowind Nexus or on the Morrowind Modding Discord (linked above).

TL;DR my recommendations

Details coming soon - but M&C and LCO conflict. I’d recommend using M&C with the DD patch (available on the M&C page) since I think the changes M&C makes are generally higher quality, with fewer compatibility issues. Then use RTE and DRP on top.

General Replacers

Lougian’s Caverns Bumpmapped - This texture replacer makes such an incredible difference to the cave experience just on it’s own. Requires MCP’s Bumpmapping option to be enabled, otherwise you get odd texture results. It’s a texture replacer so it’s compatible with pretty much all the other mods on this list.

New Dungeons

Serpenthis Ancestral Tomb by Lord Berandas - this is a fun new dungeon with some interesting gameplay. Hope you enjoyed Sabrina’s gym as a kid!

Dreadful Cavern by Lady Eternity - adds a new cavern near Sadrith Mora.

Mage Robes by Melchior Dahrk
Doesn’t sound dungeon related to begin with, but there’s a beautiful new cave system added for the quest in this mod.

OAAB Tel Mora by Melchior Dahrk
Adds an interesting new dungeon as part of quests added to Tel Mora, as well as being a beautiful town expansion.

Expedition to Mzelthuand by Greatness7, TheDrunkenMudcrab, and Melchior Dahrk
Off the shoreline of the Bitter Coast region, a Dwemer Ruin has appeared. Take up your spells and delve into the deepest and darkest of Dwemer mysteries within an enigmatic study facility that holds far more than it lets on. Beautiful level design and interesting rewards and quests.

Sotha Sil Expanded by Team SSE
“Sotha Sil was somewhat disappointing in vanilla Tribunal, so we’ve made a massive expansion that creates the Clockwork City as it was always meant to be. A sprawling dungeon, a topsy-turvy city, and the madness of the Clockwork God all stand to challenge you!” - a vast expansion to Tribunal’s Sotha Sil, with extensive new dungeons and quests.

Of Dungeons and Abodes by Darkelfguy
A distraught nephew, a missing uncle, a manor slowly sinking into the swamps of the Bitter Coast, and numerous secrets and hidden dungeons lurking just beneath the surface. Do you have what it takes to tame Velodil Manor and claim it as your own? Of Dungeons and Abodes is a dungeon delving, quest story telling, house building mod.

Face of the Hortator by Infragris
Adds a large and varied dungeon for higher-level players in Molag Amur, close to Lake Nabia. Dungeon reward is the fabled Face of the Hortator, a lore friendly unenchanted Daedric artifact.

A Hermit’s Request by Darkelfguy
To the west of Seyda Neen, along the bitter coast, there lives a hermit by the name of Thexn Akaasul. It would seem that Thexn has a series of tasks for any adventurous soul willing to seek him out, though they deal mostly with the necessities of life rather than adventures of the grandiose sort.

Of Justice and Innocence by Darkelfguy
In the small village of Dagon Fel there lives a woman by the name of Rinida Honwyer. She claims her poor, sweet innocent brother has been kidnapped by smugglers. This unfortunate outcome is a result of an unlikely series of events and her poor brother’s own naivety. Now Rinida fears for her brothers life, sure that these smugglers mean nothing but harm towards him.

The Reclamation of Hasimminus Mine by Team Nordic Chefs
Crawl through treacherous mine shafts, face Sixth House Cultists, and build up a town for your Great House! New quests, people, and town! Part of MMM 2018.

Blackthorn Barrow by Corsair83
Follow the clues of a doomed expedition to find the source behind an ancient Nordic relic.

Bloodwind by MattTheBagel
For many years, the ominous Bloodwind Fort has been left untouched and forgotten. Evil is brewing in the darker depths of Morrowind… Bloodwind features a new dungeon crawling experience including 15 new highly detailed areas to explore, rewarding loot, new quests, lore, characters, and secrets to explore around every corner!

West Gash Retreat by Ennet Winterhoof
A bandit cave between Ashalmawia, Seran Ancestral Tomb and Khuul. It comes with 3 unique weapons and other loot.

Dungeon & Diamond by Arcimaestro Antares
In Sadrith Mora, behind the Dirty’s Muriel Corner Club, there is a trapdoor to a new dungeon. New creatures, traps, and a unique diamond, await you. It was designed for a master thief character (level 20+), that should retrieve the diamond as proof he/she deserved the title, but then only a few ones could play the mod. So, the dungeon can be accessed by anyone. If you levitate in the dungeon, you’ll miss most of the traps (and the fun).

Ruins of Serpenthold by The Undying One
Long ago, the Empire built a stronghold off the eastern shores of Solstheim and emplaced a garrison there with the intent of establishing a strong presence there. However, all contact with the garrison was lost…

Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel by jmanowar
Explore a sprawling dungeon, spelunk deep into the cavern, uncover the conspiracy within.

Sobitur Facility by Dagoth Agahnim
It adds a new adventure and questchain for level 40+ players, giving you a rare challenge at high levels. It expands on the lore of the Dwemer’s disappearance, showing a plausible contingency of the Dwemer military during their war.

Balmora Underworld by Fulgore
Get lost within the depths of Balmora's Underworld. Walk through the sewers: let the Thousand Lanterns Market take your breath away and explore the abandoned canals. Witness criminal factions fighting against each other and common folks going on about their daily lives. Discover the access to the massive cave system that lies deep below Balmora.

The Neverhalls by Midgetalien and Vality7
Once buried deep under the mountains of Solstheim, the ancient Falmer ruin of Neselia, has recently been uncovered.

The Forgotten Halls by Midgetalien
Lost deep below Neselia the Forgotten Halls await to be discovered. Long lost halls of the Falmer hide rumors of death traps, undead creatures and treasure - do you dare to venture deeper into the Neverhalls? What will you find? The Forgotten Halls is an expansion to the Neverhalls and such it requires the Neverhalls to work. The mod adds two new areas to the Neverhalls to explore, along with a host of new traps and items to find.

The Caldera Ancient Mine by Pekka
Adds a new dungeon underneath Caldera mine.

Crooked Tower by Noirgrim
This old, rundown Imperial Bastion has seen better days and many strange and unique “things” have managed to place themselves here. Besides being a fun and intriguing adventure, 31 new scripts add realism to this new land. Assassination attempts, nobles rising from the dead, and a wondering, walking wall whom wonders the corridors fill this tower along with many other fascinating sights. The adventure begins in Balmora when you are confronted by a messenger who leaves after the mission starts, as not to clutter Balmora any further.

Ancestral Tombs

Alas Ancestral Tomb - Nyarlathotep by Rankless Corgi
Alen Ancestral Tomb
Andalen Ancestral Tomb
Andalor Ancestral Tomb
Andas Ancestral Tomb
Andavel Ancestral Tomb
Andrano Ancestral Tomb - Andrano Tomb Remastered by Team Wretched Netch
Andrethi Ancestral Tomb - Andrethi Tomb Overhaul by Jsp25
Andules Ancestral Tomb
Aralen Ancestral Tomb
Aran Ancestral Tomb
Arano Ancestral Tomb
Arenim Ancestral Tomb
Arethan Ancestral Tomb
Aryon Ancestral Tomb
Arys Ancestral Tomb
Baram Ancestral Tomb
Beran Ancestral Tomb
Dareleth Ancestral Tomb
Dralas Ancestral Tomb
Drath Ancestral Tomb
Dreloth Ancestral Tomb
Drethan Ancestral Tomb - Shallit Hideout
Drinith Ancestral Tomb
Dulo Ancestral Tomb
Fadathram Ancestral Tomb
Falas Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Favel Ancestral Tomb
Foreign Quarter Tomb
Gimothran Ancestral Tomb
Ginith Ancestral Tomb
Helan Ancestral Tomb
Helas Ancestral Tomb
Heleran Ancestral Tomb
Heran Ancestral Tomb
Hlaalu Ancestral Tomb
Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults
Hleran Ancestral Tomb
Hlervi Ancestral Tomb
Hlervu Ancestral Tomb
Ienith Ancestral Tomb
Indalen Ancestral Tomb
Indaren Ancestral Tomb
Llando Ancestral Tomb
Lleran Ancestral Tomb
Llervu Ancestral Tomb
Maren Ancestral Tomb
Marvani Ancestral Tomb
Nelas Ancestral Tomb
Nerano Ancestral Tomb
Norvayn Ancestral Tomb
Omalen Ancestral Tomb
Omaren Ancestral Tomb
Orethi Ancestral Tomb
Othrelas Ancestral Tomb
Randas Ancestral Tomb
Ravel Ancestral Tomb
Raviro Ancestral Tomb
Redas Ancestral Tomb
Redoran Ancestral Vaults
Releth Ancestral Tomb
Reloth Ancestral Tomb
Rethandus Ancestral Tomb
Rothan Ancestral Tomb
Sadryon Ancestral Tomb
Salothan Ancestral Tomb
Salothran Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Salvel Ancestral Tomb
Samarys Ancestral Tomb - Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded by PikachunoTM or Greater Samarys by Varlothen
Sandas Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Sandus Ancestral Tomb
Sarano Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Saren Ancestral Tomb
Sarethi Ancestral Tomb
Sarys Ancestral Tomb
Savel Ancestral Tomb
Senim Ancestral Tomb
Seran Ancestral Tomb - Spidersilk Shield
Serano Ancestral Tomb
Sethan Ancestral Tomb
Telvayn Ancestral Tomb
Thalas Ancestral Tomb
Tharys Ancestral Tomb
Thelas Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Thiralas Ancestral Tomb
Uveran Ancestral Tomb
Vandus Ancestral Tomb
Velas Ancestral Tomb
Venim Ancestral Tomb
Veloth Ancestral Tomb - RTE
Verelnim Ancestral Tomb


Abanabi - LCO, M&C
Abernanit - LCO, M&C
Abinabi - LCO, M&C
Adanumuran - Adanumuran Reclaimed, LCO, DD
Addamasartus - LCO, M&C, The Cave of Woe by Zdim
Aharunartus - LCO, M&C
Aharnabi - LCO, M&C
Ahinipalit - LCO
Ainat - LCO, M&C
Ansi - LCO, M&C
Ashanammu - LCO, Caldera Mine Expanded
Ashinabi - LCO
Ashirbadon - LCO
Ashir-Dan - M&C, LCO
Assarnud - LCO
Assemanu - LCO
Assu - LCO
Assumanu - M&C, LCO
Beshara - M&C, LCO
Bensamsi - Salt Gems of Bensamsi, LCO
Cavern of the Incarnate - Cavern of the Incarnate Overhaul by ivolga/Aoimevelho, LCO, DD
Dubdilla - LCO
Dun-Ahhe - LCO, M&C
Ebonheart, Underground Caves
Habinbaes - LCO
Hassour - M&C
Hinnabi - LCO, M&C
Ibar-Dad - LCO
Ilunibi - DD
Kora-Dur - LCO
Kudanat - LCO, M&C
Kumarahaz - LCO
Kunirai - LCO
Maba-Ilu - LCO
Mallapi - LCO, M&C
Mamaea - Mamaea Awakened by Team Flamboyant Armigers - shameless plug, I was on the team that made this one!, M&C. Mamaea Awakened and M&C are compatible with each other.
Mannammu - LCO, M&C
Maran-Adon - M&C
Masseranit - LCO
Mat - LCO
Milk - LCO, M&C
Minabi - LCO, M&C
Missamsi - M&C
Mount Kand, Cavern - M&C
Nallit - LCO
Nammu - LCO, M&C
Nissintu - LCO, M&C
Nund - LCO, M&C
Odibaal - M&C
Pinsun - M&C
Punabi - M&C
Punammu - M&C
Rissun - M&C
Sanabi - M&C
Sennananit - M&C
Shallit - Shallit Hideout
Shurinbaal - M&C
Subdun - M&C
Tin-Ahhe - M&C
Tukushapal - DD
Ulummusa - DD
Urshilaku - LCO
Yasamsi - M&C
Yesamsi - DD
Zainsipilu - M&C
Zaintirari - M&C
Zenarbael - M&C

Daedric Shrines - Malacath

Ashurnibibi - M&C, Daedric Ruin Expansion - Ashurnibi by SoulOfChrysamere

Daedric Shrines - Mehrunes Dagon

Ald Sotha - M&C, Severa Magia DB Fix by Corsair83

Daedric Shrines - Molag Bal

Ashalmawia - M&C
Bal Ur
Ramimilk - Daedric Ruin Expansion - Ramimilk by SoulOfChrysamere

Daedric Shrines - Sheogorath

Addadshashanammu - DD
Ald Daedroth
Bal Fell - Bal Fell Under
Maelkashishi - M&C

Daedric Shrines - Misc

Anudnabia - Forge of Hilbongard by Melchior Dahrk
Khartag Point
Magas Volar
Shrine of Azura
Shrine of Boethia
Shrine of Mephala - The Shrine of Mephala by Westly

Dunmer Strongholds

Falensarano - Falensarano - The Ruined Stronghold by CarrotFerret
Kogoruhn - DD, Kogoruhn Expanded by Team Drama Kwama, Kogoruhn Ruins by Langusteer
Marandus - LGNPC Pax Redoran

Dwemer Ruins

Aleft - DD, DRP
Arkngthand - Arkngthand 2.0, DD
Arkngthunch-Sturdumz - DRP
Bethamez - DRP
Bthuand - Bthuand Expanded by Jsp25
Dagoth Ur - Darknut’s GDR by Darknut
Endusal - Endusal Redone by Trainwiz
Galom Daeus
Mzahnch - DRP
Mzuleft - DRP
Nchardumz - Aetherium Forging by Grond1911
Nchuleft - DRP, Nchuleft Dwemer Home
Odrosal - Darknut’s GDR by Darknut
Tureynulal - Tureynulal Redone by Trainwiz
Vemynal - Darknut’s GDR by Darknut


Akimaes Grotto - M&C
Eluba-Addon Grotto - M&C
Ilanipu Grotto
Koal Cave
Madas Grotto
Malmus Grotto
Mudan Grotto
Mul Grotto - M&C
Nimawia Grotto - DD
Vassamsi Grotto
Zalkin Grotto - M&C

Ebony Mines

Caldera Mine - Caldera Mine Expanded
Elith-Pal Mine - M&C
Mausur Caverns - M&C
Sudanit Mine - M&C
Vassir-Didanat Cave - M&C
Yanemus Mine - M&C

Glass Mines

Dissapla Mine - M&C
Dunirai Caverns - M&C
Halit Mine - M&C
Massama Cave - M&C
Yassu Mine - M&C

Diamond Mines

Abaelun Mine - M&C

Egg Mines

Abaesen-Pulu Egg Mine
Abebaal Egg Mine
Ahallaraddon Egg Mine
Ahanibi-Malmus Egg Mine
Akimaes-Ilanipu Egg Mine
Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine
Ashimanu Egg Mine
Band Egg Mine
Eluba-Addon Egg Mine
Eretammus-Sennammu Egg Mine
Gnisis Egg Mine - DD
Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine
Hawia Egg Mine
Inanius Egg Mine
Madas-Zebba Egg Mine
Maelu Egg Mine
Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine
Matus-Akin Egg Mine
Missir-Dadalit Egg Mine
Mudan-Mul Egg Mine
Panabanit-Nimawia Egg Mine
Panud Egg Mine
Pudai Egg Mine
Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine
Setus Egg Mine
Shulk Egg Mine
Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine
Sinamusa Egg Mine
Sinarralit Egg Mine
Sur Egg Mine
Vansunalit Egg Mine
Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine

Velothi Towers

Ald Redaynia
Ashmelech - Ashmelech Reborn by istreddify


Bazaar Sewers - DD
Palace Sewers
Residential Sewers
West Sewers
Teran Hall
Temple Sewers
Gedna Relvel’s Tomb
Abandoned Crypt
Temple Shrine
Abandoned Passageway - DD
Tears of Amun-Shae
OM - Armory Ruins
OM - City Gate
OM - Residential Ruins
OM - Manor District - DD
OM - Moril Manor - DD
OM - Temple Catacombs - DD
OM - Temple Gardens - DD
Clockwork City - Sotha Sil Expanded by Trainwiz

Bloodmoon Barrows

Bloodskal Barrow - The Stone Halls of Solstheim by PikachunoTM and Corsair83
Connorflenge Barrow
Eddard Barrow
Frosselmane Barrow
Glenschul’s Tomb
Gyldenhul Barrow - M&CS
Himmelhost Barrow
Hrothmund’s Barrow - LCO
Jolgeirr Barrow - M&CS
Kelsedolk Barrow - M&CS
Kolbjorn Barrow
Lukesturm Barrow
Skogsdrake Barrow
Stormpfund Barrow
Tombs of Skaalara
Valbrandr Barrow

Bloodmoon Caves

Aesliip’s Lair - LCO, DD
Benkongerike - LCO
Bjorn - LCO
Caves of Fjalding - LCO
Cave of Hidden Music - LCO, M&CS
Domme - From Ash to Frost by Team Horny Skulls, LCO
Fjell - LCO
Frossel - LCO
Frykte - LCO
Gandrung Caverns - LCO, M&CS
Gloomy Cave - LCO
Gronn - From Ash to Frost by Team Horny Skulls, LCO
Halls of Penumbra - LCO
Lair of the Udyrfrykte
Rimhull - M&CS
Stahlman’s Gorge
Varstaad Caves